"The future depends on what we do in the present. If you don’t act now, you don’t have a future, just a longer today" - Gandhi

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Free Money For Bills was created in 2008 as Cashpointmonkey for all those people (like me) that lost their jobs or business and needed to find a way to make money some other way. This is the new website! Better design and the best of Cashpointmonkey will be live here very soon!

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Welcome to FREE Money For Bills!


There are many ways of making money and sadly, most people don't know they exist. Mass unemployment and redundancies since 2008 have seen many people struggling to get back into work and many are still without assets and a viable future. Here at Free Money for Bills we explore all the ways of making money online and off! This website is new and will develope over the coming weeks and months to provide a portal for people that will not surrender to dispare and are determined to beat this recession!!



Free Money for Bills and Making Money At Home

In these difficult times with whole continents financial systems struggling, many people are looking to ways of making money at home. There are many ways of doing this and once mastered you never know where this may lead. Here is a brief synopsis of what’s available to everyone.

Making money at home can be as simple as selling stuff on eBay. If you master this and get it right you can make a lot of money. The general rule is specialising in one type of product, sell cheaply and sell many. The problem with eBay is, it is fiercely competitive and you will not get a great mark up but you can sell many and reach a vast audience. With drop shipping you don’t even need to buy stock so it’s become easier than ever to sell on eBay.

The best return comes from selling goods on your own website; there are many template websites that can help you set up a small online shop or ecommerce website as they are known. It’s never been easier than right now and in the future the internet will be littered with family businesses specialising in a particular field or product. Again you can dropship if you don’t have the capital for stock. Its all out there, the alternative is to do nothing and wallow in self pity.

Making money at home isn’t all about selling stuff either… some people aren’t comfortable selling so what can you do if you are one of these people. Well… there are competitions websites where you can just enter competitions all day, there are gambling websites were people use systems to win regularly and beat the odds to become professional gamblers. There are websites for referring people and getting free gifts for doing it. There are many ways of making a little extra money online and some can become very lucrative once mastered.

The main thing when it comes to making money at home is to learn one thing and learn it well, don’t give up. There are many websites to help you do this, whether its proof reading jobs, letter writing jobs, taking surveys for money or gambling on shares. I know what you are thinking as many others do… why doesn’t everyone do it then? Simple… most people give up just before they are about to get it mastered. There is no magic button you have to learn your trade, the same as any other business medium.

People fail because they don’t learn enough or lack the determination to carry on or find a way through. See all obstacles as a challenge and beat them, find a way around them, but never give in to them. Many, many people are making money at home because they bothered to give it a go and give it their best. Don’t let this difficult time we are in wash you away, swim against the tide and work hard to find a way of making money at home that suits you and that you enjoy doing. We are always good at things we like to do or have an interest in.

You can start making money at home from just making a blog that is informative and helps people just by adding Google Adsense down the side or at the top. If you don’t know what Google Adsense is or you would like more information on the other subjects expressed in this article, click the links or come back and visit regularly as we transfer information, add ebooks and help videos for all the advice you will ever need on free money for bills and making money at home.

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Frank London

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